Harpers Bazaar


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African Beauty by Luki for Harper's Bazaar 01.JPG African Beauty by Luki for Harper's Bazaar 04.JPG

Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Indonesia

Published: June 2009

Editorial: African Beauty

Models: Kotuleva Yulia Gennadevna & Laura Muljadi

Stylist: Myra Widiasana

Make up and hair: Husein Yunior

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Twin Spotting

Those elusive, ridiculously wealthy, creatures known as the Olsen (or as Peta calls them, Trollsen) twins.

2m4snqa s1ib11
MK 5-28-09

MK 5-25-09

47031_Preppie_Mary-Kate_Olson_shopping_at_Maxfield_store_in_Beverly_Hills_05.23.09_6142_122_838lo 46890_Preppie_Mary-Kate_Olson_shopping_at_Maxfield_store_in_Beverly_Hills_05.23.09_423_122_797lo dl
MK 5-25-09

Ash 5-20-09

And some Ashley Trends:


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My Fashion Angel!

Magazine: Muse (Summer 2009)
Editorial: Chloë
Photographer: Tom Allen
Celebrity: Chloë Sevigny

Girlfriend can work anything! Love the belts.

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Fashion Copycat

weird fashion 1

I am addicted to blind gossip.  Unlike Perez Hilton, who has lost all creativity since making friends with Madonna and does nothing now except publicly outing gays and going on a brutal crusade against Miss California, blind gossip is so much more fun.  It is like trying to solve mysteries rather than reading some celebrity blogger’s opinions about everyone. Bech, please. 

Here is a fashion related one that I found amusing and stumped me quite a bit.

BuzzFoto - This very A list singer is starting to get very peeved at another pop star. Although each individual’s music could be considered in different genres, the source says that our A list singer takes issue with this British Tart’s outrageous fashion sense. Our A list musician was doing the strange outfits first and can’t believe the attention this new up-and-comer is getting. She claims she will rave about her in future interviews if asked about it, but secretly she is fuming.

Who do you think it is?

Click to their site to see some guesses already made…

(source, buzzFoto via blindgossip)

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Take a Chance/ Coat of Many Colors

abba.jpg abba image by franchuta
I can’t help it. 

I’ve never got into Mama Mia! the musical, but I am devoted to Abba.

Here is my favorite Abba song….I just love the melodies.  Just listen to the first five seconds and you’ll get hooked!

And how cheesy is the video? It aint easy being cheesy!

And of course, I’ve never been to Dollywood, but it is in my life’s “to do list” to make a pilgrimage there before I die.
dolly-parton_3[1] 00390m[1] 00420m[1]

Here is one of my favorite, one of them, of Dolly Parton’s songs.  It is VERY FASHION-RELEVANT.  The song is called Coat of Many Colors, and the song tells the story of how Dolly, when she was just a poor little southern girl, had to wear hand-me-downs and rags to school. Anyways, just listen to the deeply emotional song and tell me what you think. You will not regret it.  It still makes my eyes water.

They ain’t high fashion, they are just simple folk people who like their folk music.  And I love Stardoll for bringing them to us because not everything in life can be high fashion. Sometimes, there are deeper, more meaningful things in life than pretty little material things.

And like that Coat of Many Colors, it is not the label or the price, but the story behind that favorite pair of jeans, or favorite pair of shoes.

Mine is a shark’s tooth necklace that my very old friend, who i haven't seen in like 7 years, sent to me as a birthday present when we were young. 

What is your item possession of sentiment?

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Influence gkmktk, Lady Gaga/Jeremy Scott

I was so amazed when I saw gkmktk made a Stardoll version of my favorite look from Gaga's "Paparazzi" video (Jeremy Scott fall 09). That part of the video was full of high fashion, sex appeal and elegance at the same time!

Anyway, Elena (gkmktk) is awsome, she's always bombing with super creative and original outfits. So what I am trying to say is- notice her!

I think re-creating this look is a good enough reason.
What do you think?
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Inside Vogue Nippon July 2009

Warning: High fashion collectors issue with major models, Anja Rubik, Freja Beha Erichsen and Raquel Zimmerman.

Into the Light
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Model: Anja Rubik & Baptiste Giabiconi

My Cowgirl Hero
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen


Photographer : Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
Stylist : George Cortina
model : Raquel Zimmermann

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