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Charlotte_Di_Calypso[2] Charlotte_Di_Calypso_[1] Yrme_Stiekema[1] Yrme_Stiekema_[2]
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Gloria_Loite[1] Gloria_Loite_[1] Selina_Khan[1] Selina_Khan_[1]
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Jourdan Works Her Baby Bump

Triumph Lingerie is an Australian Lingerie brand
There is a contest of some sort from different countries and Jourdan is wearing Lingerie from each contestant

jour3[1] jour4[1]
jour2[1] jour5[1] jour1[1] jour6[1] jour7[1] jour8[1] jour9[1] jour10[1] jour11[1] jour12[1] jour13[1] jour14[1] jour15[1] jour16[2] jour17[1] jour18[1] jour19[1] jour20[1] jour21[1] jour22[1] jour23[1] jour24[1] jour25[1] jour26[1] jour27[1] jour28[1]

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Watch This Girl

The finale of Swiss' Elite Model Look contest for 2009 was held last week. This is the same contest that has launched the careers of Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen and many more models including Charlotte de Calypso and Sigrid Agren which I recently posted about. Anyway, the girl who took this year's prize for the Swiss Elite Model Look contest is 5'9", seventeen year old Julia Saners. 

Perhaps one day she'll be the next big thing. You never know, so remember this face! 

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I love this girl

My personal favorite is the Chola Makeup tutorial.

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Influenced by Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona”

In that W magazine video about Lara’s Stone editorial, the narrator mentioned that part of the inspiration for that shoot was Ingmar Bergman. He also went on to say that Lara resembled Bergman’s leading ladies, Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson. Well here are those to leading ladies and I must say the resemblance is quite uncanny.

The movie deals with an actress who suddenly stops speaking in the middle of a stage performance. By doctor’s orders, she goes to rehabilitate at a cottage by the sea where she is taken care of by this nurse. The two women are isolated and they soon develop a strange relationship where they switch personalities and start to mirror each other.

image image
ActBergmanPersonapersona_pub02  2vwtj7s qr1bpw
Vogue Italia November 2008
"Cottage in riva al mare"
Models: Katrin Thormann, Toni Garrn
Photo: Steven Meisel
04742_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_828_122_934lo 04762_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_039_122_1034lo
04769_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_447_122_480lo 04771_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_058_122_1178lo 04772_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_567_122_713lo
04785_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_277_122_181lo 04787_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_080_122_114lo 04792_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_696_122_17lo 04687_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_9101_122_431lo 04699_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_0113_123_1073lo 04688_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_7129_122_206lo 04928_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_6139_122_440lo 04933_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_7146_122_725lo 04941_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_5153_122_827lo 04954_Cottage_in_riva_al_mare_4160_122_13lo
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