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The Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton Documentary. The one where Marc prepares for his spring 2007 shows and when they make that hideous, “artsy”, LE Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag.(Part 4 of the documentary). Those bags were so hideous that they broke the sewing machines that they were made on.(Part 7, 6:28)

I love seeing Marc’s makeover. Yes, he had an unhealthy lifestyle before, but I don’t like how he looks like some crazy celebrity now. I like him before when he looked clean cut, albeit a bit greasy.

I saw parts of it on Sundance channel before.

I love how Irina Lazareanu serves as Marc’s live in, breathing mannequin. How can you not fall in love with her? (Part 7, also in Part 7 2:53, Anna Wintour gets a preview!)

And lol at the seamstress going crazy at Part 8, 2:54 and 5:28 when they can’t even thread a needle so they can sew on the Louis Vuitton label.

Before I saw this documentary, I had no idea that the minutes before the fashion show was so nerve racking. I had no idea that they sewed clothes to the last minute.  I thought that the clothes were done when they tried it on the model, but no…

The parts in the Tokyo fashion show is a complete time filler and so boring…it was unnecessary in my opinion.  I don’t care much for the store openings than I do about the whole process of creating a show.

If you have time to kill, here it is from YouTube.

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What New? Brights!

I wonder where does Stardoll's inspiration come from...

"What New: Brights" from Harper's Bazaar May 2009
with Jessica Stam, photographed by Peter Lindbergh

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Coco “My Mouth is Open 24/7” Rocha Gets a Gig On E! Canada

I guess it is only natural that Coco Rocha, the model known for not knowing when to shut up (as well as having an open mouth at every runway show) got a job on E! Canada with a one-hour special, "Coco Rocha Fashion Attack in NYC."

Below she interviews Heidi "make your dresses shorter” Klum, Isaac “are you too good for my show now?” Mizrahi, Andre “I like looking like a torero” Talley, and Anna “I love Justin Timberlake and any celebrity” Wintour.

Ugh, worst idea ever, Justin Timberlake as a fashion designers.  Now there will be all these metros and gays wearing 40’s style fedora’s and vests…grody.

BTW, there was also an interview with Mischa “Cankles” Barton. I skipped because I find it hard to take that crackhead seriously.


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High Fashion Sweats?


Vogue Brazil July 2009
Corra da Real
Photographed by Rodrigo Marques
Ana Beatriz Barros

22640_vogue-brasil_julho_ana-beatriz-barros_5_122_372lo 19758_vogue-brasil_julho_ana-beatriz-barros_6_122_589lo
19211_vogue-brasil_julho_ana-beatriz-barros_7_122_163lo 22646_vogue-brasil_julho_ana-beatriz-barros_8_122_241lo

This ed makes me sick. It looks as if J Lo got a Birkin and turned into a Vicky B wannabe.

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Fall 2009: Michael Kors, More YSL and Cesar Paciotti

Photographed by Mario Testino
Carmen Kass and Noah Mills

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh
Christy Turlington

6a00e54ef9645388340115709a6b92970c-800wi[1] 6a00e54ef9645388340115718fa467970b-800wi[1] 6a00e54ef9645388340115709a6cc2970c-800wi[1] 6a00e54ef9645388340115709a6c4a970c-800wi[1]
Photographed by Mario Sorrenti
Constance Jablonski & Eniko Mihalik

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`Preciuos Metals´

Hello everyone, I´m John and I start writin/posting here on R1ma influence. I don´t speak English very very well. I think 4/5.

Ok. I start in Vogue Nippon February 2009. Issue called "Precious Metals".

Photographer: Daniel Jackson

Styling: George Cortina

Model: Liya Kebede

Balenciaga, Balmain and Maison Martin Margiela

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I Love Her!

Irina tells it like it is
2:13, 3:09, 4:00, 4:35, 6:06, 6:11, 7:33, 7:55

I love how she's basically saying "this shit sucks, but okay."

I love how she makes a negative into a positive.

It's better then saying what you really think about the clothes and then being removed from your opening spot at Prada Spring 2008... not that I'm talking about anyone specific, of course.

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A Model’s Inner Monologue

People at TFS have way too much time on their hands (and apparently, so do I for posting this).

" my lip gloss is enough for all the girls in the show " Kloss
"Beyonce and I share weaves" Banks
Snejana "I never get tired of getting tired" Onopka
Eugenia "I have a different man every single day of the week" Volodina
Karlie "Tyra hates my walk" Kloss
Freja "I only model to score chicks backstage" Beha
Sasha "
I had too much beer before Versace S/S 08" Pivovarova
"I slice food using my cheeks" Poly
Lara "Boobs are the new Black" Stone
Lara "They're Double Gs" Stone
Coco "can't keep my mouth shut" Rocha
Karlie "dawn of the dead" Kloss
Mariacarla "Bow down bitches" Boscono
Gemma " I can step on your dress b*tch, or maybe mine too " Ward
Chanel “I have my name permanently written on my neck in case I forget what it is” Iman
Tyra "see this? im smiling with my eyez, now try it" Banks
Carmen/The yeti "I have the most beautiful hairy legs of the industry" Kass

Carmen "tarantula legs" Kass34917_Carmen_UGH_122_540lo

Sasha "I like to dress by running through racks of clothing and seeing vat happenz" Pivovarova
Snejana "I don't get out of bed" Onopka
Natasha "Runway iz my crack" Poly
Tyra "If everybody realised all things are connected to my past as a supermodel - there would be no wars" Banks
Natasha "I like to catwalk to the grocery store" Poly
Mariacarla "it's pronounced 'zhee-von-shee' not 'give-in-chee'! commoners ..." Boscono
Chanel "People only notice me because of my name" Iman
Snejana Don't even look at me Onopka.
Sasha The Basilisk from Harry Potter 2 Pivovarova.
Vlada I walk like this because I have back troubles Roslyakova.
Lily "don't be scared, i just got a natural b**ch face" donaldson
Coco "my red fiery hair is priceless" rocha
Jessica " look at my eyez!" stam
Edita "who the hell is Zac Efron?" Vilkeviciute (She posed topless with Zac for Interview magazine and didn’t know who he was. Google it.)
Suvi "yes i am energetic backstage!!!" Koponen
Sigrid "suck it b*tches, the queen of Fall 09 is in the house!"Agren
Natasha "My workout routine is opening shows" Poly
Suvi "Sorry my late night activity affected my gait." Koponen
Freja "I make dem panties drop" Beha
Lara "I walked VS because I was told I could keep the whip" Stone
Daiane "NO I don't know the Weird Sisters" Conterato
Coco "My fierceness is open 24/7, just like my mouth" Rocha
Toni "Antonia in da Haus, suck it Calvin Klein!" Garrn
Lakshmi "For the last time I'm not black" Menon
Edita "It's not transparent; the pigment in my thong just can't handle the hotness of my @$$" Vilkeviciute
Caroline "How do you like me now Miuccia?! I'm way up here -ere.. re...e (echo)" Trentini
Magdalena "I had to be a c-section" Frackowiak
Freja Beha " I swear I don't have a penis!" Erichsen
lara "my eyes are up here" stone
masha "my boobs are down here" tylena
Jessica "I'm not stoned!! I always look like this!" Stam
Coco "I'll river-stomp you" Rocha
Irina "Why do bugs keep flying into my right eye?" Kulikova

I personally love the Natasha and Freja ones.

Your favorites?

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Second Skin

Vogue Nippon July 2009
Sweet Child Of Mine
Photographed by Terry Richardson
Abbey Lee Kershaw
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The girl is gorgeous isn’t she? Girlfriend has been getting a lot of work despite skipping the fall 2009 runway season. Yet I fear that she might have peaked and cannot get any bigger than she already is.

Take the nose ring off and she would have looked perfect. And that back shot…stunning!

All those clothes are so tight but she looks so comfortable in them.

I fell in love with this girl when I first saw her in the Burberry Fall 2008 ad campaigns.  I thought she was Kate Moss, and I was like “Wow, Kate looks so much younger.  They have really good Photoshop people.” These days, I cannot mistake her face.


Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?

Maybe because the girl in the Burberry ads is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I knew it had something to do with three names.

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Vogue Brazil July 2009 First Look

Caroline Trentini
Photographed by Terry Richardson

Is anyone else annoyed by Terry Richardson? He is everywhere lately and is doing sub par work.

Doesn’t the cover look a lot more like Vogue Russia?

Vogue Russia and Vogue China are two of the Vogues I really want to get my hands on.

But they're never sold over here.

But the fuckery that is Vogue Australia is, ugh.
0001x994[1] 06519_vogue-brasil_julho_caroline-trentini_2_122_234lo

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